Blocked drains are one of the most common problems of a household. But it is caused due to little bit of carelessness. Here we will help you with a few methods where we can help you get rid of the blocked drains.

  • One of the easiest way would be rinsing your drains with hot water. You may run a stream of hot water through the sinks, wash basins or your bathtub to get rid of accumulated hair or other waste which could cause blockage if left as it is.


  • You may use a Drain Protector to save the bunch of hair going into the drain. The most common reason for blockage is the hair strands that get stuck in the main hole of the drain. This protector would reduce your stress, all you have to do is clean your drain protector after you take bath.


  • Do not put greasy kind of stuff in the sink or the wash basin as it may narrow he pipes with because substances like cooking oils consist of fats with accumulate in the pipes and reduce the flow of water through them which could further lead to obstruction. So to avoid such circumstances do not put oily products in drain.


  • While you add plates or dishes to the dishwasher remove the remaining food articles or the leftovers from the plates this leftover food would be drained and collected in the pipes and later it would cause impasse.


  • Do not use washing powder more than the required quantity. The excess of washing powder used would harden after draining and this solid powder would cause blockage. Therefore use only suggested amount of washing powder.


  • Shun flushing of cotton products like baby wipes, nappies and sanitary towels in the drain. This would ultimately lead to the blockage of the drainage pipes. Substances like cotton buds and nappies should not be disposed like this.


  • Keep a consistent check up on the manholes and the drain covers to ensure that they are freely flowing so that you will be aware of the obstruction of the drain in the initial stage. This will reduce the stress and mess at your end.


  • Take care of the objects kids might drop in the drain or toilets because kids wouldn’t understand what may be the scenario after they have dropped some foreign article into it. To save unnecessary expenses keep an eye on your children.


  • You may also try to plunge your drain in case of blockage it may work at a slower pace initially but later it would regain its normal pace and eliminate the smaller jams to save the larger jams in later stage.


  • Make sure the pipes that are guttering down the drains are clear and do not contain leaves or debris as it may cause fill ups in pipes and clog the drainage. Clearance of the pipes would also be important to avoid blockage.

Thus following the tips would help you fight your issues with drain blockage.