The drainage system of your home should be inspected each year and drain clearing service must be employed to pump it out every three to five years. The number of people who live in the house determines the amount of waste liquid going to the drainage system. This factor differs throughout the years. Here are some warning signs to help you identify whether your home is suffering from a blocked drain.

Slow Drainage

You should check the time it takes for water to flush in the toilet or go down the drain. If the water is takes too long to go down the drain, then it can be an indicator of a blocked drain. Slow draining can be caused by clogs in the pipes that only allow a small amount of water to pass through. Homeowners know when water is taking too long to go down the drain.

Foul Odours

Blocked drain can lead waste and food to gather in different parts of the drainage system. When they start to decompose and rot, they start to give off a horrible smell. When the problem gets worse, the stench becomes more unbearable. This is one of the most common indicators of blocked drains. The problem is also a sanitary issue that can only be resolved by employing a drain clearing service. The odours get worse when the tap is opened, and the water down the drain aggravates the bacteria.

High Level of Water in Drains

Another indicator of a problem in the drainage system is a high water level in the drains, toilet, and sink. This is the most obvious sign that there is a problem with your sewerage system and should have it repaired right away. It can lead to flooding in the house. When the water level is increasing in the toilet, don’t re-flush it because it could just overflow the bowl.

Liquid Pools over Drain Field

When you notice water over the drain field, it is an indicator that the sewer system is not working properly. This could lead to contamination and should be blocked off immediately in order to prevent contact with the toxic liquid. The contractor must also be immediately called into service the septic problem.

Gargling Noise

If you hear gargling noises from the drain pipes, it is an indication of drainage problems. It is caused by air trapped in the pipes that somehow manages to escape and create the sounds. If the drain was not blocked, water can easily flow down the pipes and don’t make sounds.

These are the signs that will tell you that the drains are blocked. When you observe these indicators, you should call a drain clearing service right away. Solving the problem when it is just starting will save your time compared to when it becomes too big for a simple clearing job. If you are looking to clean your drains or plumbers in perth we highly recommend contacting charter plumbing.